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About Mo

Having overcome countless obstacles, Mohamed “Mo”– a successful attorney, dedicated volunteer and mentor, experienced small business owner, Community Criminal Justice Board appointee by the City Council, and devoted soccer uncle – will work tirelessly to grow Alexandria’s economy and improve the lives of its residents.

Born in Sudan, Mo left behind a country ravaged by war, drought, and economic instability at a young age. Seeking a better future for their children, his parents moved him and his five older siblings halfway around the world to Virginia. The United States was a country they had all dreamed about and soon came to love as home.

Growing up, Mo didn’t have much money. By 16, he was helping to support his family by working while completing high school; at times taking on two jobs, he put himself through college and then started working with special needs children. The product of Virginia public schools, Mo became the first in his family to pursue a graduate degree.

Coming from a large family and community-oriented culture taught Mo the value of community service early on. He had always admired the dedication with which his older brother, a Lieutenant  in the Navy, served his country. After spending time championing human rights and researching human rights law at the International Criminal Tribunal at the Hague, Mo decided to return home to Alexandria, VA to begin his legal career helping those in his own community first.

Throughout his career as an attorney in Northern Virginia, Mo has supported small businesses and disadvantaged individuals. He worked as a court appointed attorney for clients who could not afford lawyers. He also volunteered with legal services to prosecute unfair billing practices, recover unpaid wages, and settle creditor claims on behalf of clients. He wants to bring his experience, sense of justice, and community service to serve you.