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Civic Affairs


Mo Seifeldein is committed to making Alexandria a more prosperous, inclusive city that supports its residents by facilitating responsible economic development and improving critical city services (transportation, education, housing, developing progressive environmental initiatives, protecting community services, and protecting the elderly). He believes that no one should be left out as we together work to transform Alexandria into a city of the future while preserving its historic essence.

Development & Business Growth

As a small business owner, Mo is committed to bold, green development of the city and business growth. He understands that proper land use brings in business and healthy growth of business depends on a well-developed land. The two are dependent on each other. That is why he will work with residents and developers in reaching deals that will serve the community at large. Mo will fight to protect residents’ property rights from the nuisance of poorly planned developments.


Mo sees enormous opportunities to reduce congestion and promote environmentally-friendly policies. He will push for more energy-efficient city buses offering more frequent service to residents. He supports the expansion of bike, pedestrian, and water taxi routes. He supports plans for approved Potomac Yard Metrorail Station.

As electric vehicles become more affordable, Mo will push the city to provide more incentives for electric vehicle owners. He also supports allowing pilot programs of autonomous vehicles in the limited areas in the City. (Alexandria must lead to compete with its neighboring counties). He will work with the appropriate city agencies and private companies to add electric vehicles charging stations in the City.


Mo knows that education is the key to ensuring the success of all residents. Strong education starts with robust preschool and afterschool programming. Early childhood education has been linked to higher IQ and achievement tests, improved cognitive development, and better college and career outcomes. That is why he supports directing more resources to the school system.

He also understands that schools must adapt to technological advances in order to prepare our children for digitally-based markets. That’s why he supports offering coding courses for all students to ensure they are prepared for a changing labor landscape.

Community Welfare

Mo supports community welfare through strong inclusive programs ranging from expanding senior citizen services, additions of a hospital and

expanding the health department’s resources to meet growing demands for its services, and citizen law enforcement engagement. Mo will work with civic organizations and local law enforcement to enhance public safety and accountability.


Mo believes that protecting the environment is critical to the city’s future prosperity and wellness. He will advocate for LEED certified developments. Mo also supports efforts to work with Virginia leaders to modernize the energy grid through investments in renewable energy. Local governments can and must take a more hands-on approach to moving the needle on the environment for our children.